Warrior Week

Warrior Week is a camp for boys who have completed grades 2-5.

Warrior Week is a gender-specific camp for boys who have completed grades 2-5.

There will be an informational Parent Meeting for those families who are sending campers with us – this is a great time to meet your camper’s counselors! Check the Facebook feed for details.

On Monday morning the week of camp we will meet at Chase Oaks Church (Plano, TX) and depart for camp at the Forest Glen Springs Christian Camp facility in Rosebud, TX on chartered buses. Girls Getaway (girls camp) will be departing for their location at the same time. We will return to Chase Oaks on Friday afternoon around 4-5pm.

The boys are more than welcome to invite their friends! The cabins that the boys stay in are air conditioned, and they will be grouped by grade. We do accept requests for friends to be together as long as they are in the same grade. Our counselors plan very special surprises for their boys – we feel that it makes the camp experience unique and “custom fit” for the boys.

We have a packed day of fun activities planned for the boys and we keep them very busy, which minimizes the homesick factor (see Sample Daily Schedule). The counselors read a chapter book to the boys each night to help them fall asleep. It’s a long and fun day, so it’s usually no problem getting them to go to sleep!

The health and safety of each camper is a very important part of camp. We strive to provide a safe and healthy living environment, with the best possible leadership and supervision. Qualified and certified lifeguards and recreation leaders provide safety during activities. Care and attention are given to provide enjoyable and nutritious meals throughout the week. The boys always seem to love the food.

Our camp medic will oversee all medications to campers who are under a doctor’s care.

If you have further specific questions, please feel free to contact us at your convenience. We look forward to serving your boys!

In His Strength,
Jason & Matt

Warrior Week, is co-directed by Jason Loveless and Matt Wiskur. It is our honor and privilege to serve the boys and their families who come as campers.

Meet Matt Wiskur, Director

11 Random Things About Matt Wiskur:

1. I married up big time! (See Meredith Wiskur) Wow!!! Thank you God! We have produced, to our credit, two amazing daughters whom I love with all my heart.

2. My favorite adolescent times were spent on my Suzuki 185 – 4 wheeler. Thanks to Todd, Randall, David, David, and Martin for all the fun on our track.

3. I was once a Groceryworks Dotcommer. Played 3rd base on the softball team. Bought the t-shirt.

4. Willie Wilson, of Kansas City Royals greatness threw me a MLB ball in the ceterfield stands of Arlington Stadium. Still have it.

5. My other car is a 1999 Ford Windstar…IT REALLY IS!

6. My youngest daughter Lilly calls me “Bull” and feeds me Scooby-Snacks.

7. Meredith led me to Christ (while she was my girlfriend), when I was 17 years old.

8. I am a fan of the sport, and coach my athletically gifted oldest daughter Avery in basketball and softball.

9. I am a college student once again. I aspire to be a Math or Spanish teacher one day…or maybe both…I don’t know just yet.

10. I like steak; snow cones; not being too serious about myself; camp fun; duct tape on the ceiling tiles; Sno-balls, crushed tomatoes in blow-up baby pools; hand-sized rainbows; crash-test dummies; people who can laugh at me, then themselves, then me, then themselves, etc.

11. All my favorite movies are non-sensical with goofball comedy antics.

Email Matt at matt@byhisdesignministries.org

Meet Jason Loveless, Director

Email Jason at jason@byhisdesignministries.org

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